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A screenshot of ssb-chess

Correspondence chess built on top of the scuttlebutt platform. More information about scuttlebutt here: and

It is built to allow it to be integrated into scuttlebutt viewers (such as patchbay, patchwork using depject so that they can take care of things like discovering friends to play with, etc.


ssb-chess-mithril is currently integrated into patchbay. You can find it in the menu at the top right (the blue dot) and then the 'chess' menu item.

Libraries used

Integrating ssb-chess into a scuttlebutt application using depject

Requires the ssb-chess-db scuttlebot plugin to be installed.

You can read more about depject here

<TODO> The strategy for this was recently updated. I need to document the new approach :)

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