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Dominic Tarr committed stabilityLatest: 175c09c on 3/17/2019, 10:24:19 PM


stability: Experimental

This is a prototype, expect breaking changes. If you use this to post messages to your real ssb feed, do not expect encrypted format to continue to be supported.

receive key

to indicate you support box2, post a message

` { type: 'private-msg-key', key: curve25519.public }
when decrypting messages from another feed, you know it came from their most recent private message key, because they are in a strict order.

when decrypting messages for your feed these must be combined with each private-msg-key you retain. when rotating keys, it is advisable to keep both keys alive for an overlap period, to improve chances that sender has your new key when they write a message to you.

If they write a message to a key you have discarded, you won't know, because you'll be unable to decrypt that message.



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