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You can prepend `**` to mean "any length of file name or folders", as well as common glob notation (`*` to mean "any length of any characters" or ? for "any single character"), one target per line.
See `man 1 rsync`, section "FILTER RULES" for more info on this file's rules format.
+## Logging ##
+What asc does is automatically written in the file `~/.autoSync.log`, which you can read to know what operations have been done in the past.
+You can set the environment variable `LOGLEVEL` to instruct asc to only log certain events.
+Log levels are incremental, which means if you set it to a certain level, it will log everything that falls *after this value*.
+ - 0: DEBUG. Detailed information about what happens inside.
+ - 1: INFO.
+ - 2: NOTIF. Less verbose than INFO
+ - 3: WARN. Only warnings and errors
+ - 4: ERROR. Only fatal errors.