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Before every sending sync and after every receiving sync, asc updates the source timestamp to keep track of which version is more recent.
The "server mode" prevents it from doing it, which will parasite a secondary server repository (because if you sync from a server to another, the server1 will update timestamps as if you had worked on the local copy, which you did not)
+## Ignore items ##
+If you wish to tell asc to ignore certain items inside some of your targets, you can create a .ignore.lst file inside the root folder of the source path and list inside every item that you wish to be ignored.
+You can prepend `**` to mean "any length of file name or folders", as well as common glob notation (`*` to mean "any length of any characters" or ? for "any single character"), one target per line.
+See `man 1 rsync`, section "FILTER RULES" for more info on this file's rules format.