BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUse a state object instead of ad-hoc SetBeatMarshall Lochbaum2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-07-27Use a state object instead of ad-hoc SetBeatHEADmasterMarshall Lochbaum
2022-06-21Convert GetLength to SkipLength that can modify 𝕨.beat in case the skipped...Marshall Lochbaum
2022-06-21Pass tracker overlap and post-processing settings by a namespaceMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-30Better READMEMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-29Fix path problem with loading filter FFIMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-29Prevent read/write from using paths relative to BQNoise directoryMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-29Avoid compilation error if •FFI doesn't existMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-29Increase reverb window size to at least 2048 since small FFTs are inefficientMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-28FFTW reverb with half-complex formatMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-28Use FFTW's 1d Fourier transformMarshall Lochbaum