BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ccnxUpdate READMEakmhoque9 years
developers-guideAdded makefile for ease of compilation. Improved file naming. Updated pdfNick Gordon5 years
masterci: disable frames in lcov HTML coverage reportDavide Pesavento2 years
NLSR-0.5.2commit 1158c55878...Ashlesh Gawande3 years
NLSR-0.5.1commit 348321368d...Saurab Dulal3 years
NLSR-0.5.0commit b2fea6d79f...Saurab Dulal4 years
NLSR-0.4.3commit 301220346e...Ashlesh Gawande4 years
NLSR-0.4.2commit 350d58489b...Ashlesh Gawande5 years
NLSR-0.4.1commit 39cf81a110...Alexander Afanasyev5 years
NLSR-0.4.0commit 9e955bcec7...Ashlesh Gawande5 years
NLSR-0.3.2commit f023a88ec1...Ashlesh Gawande6 years
NLSR-0.3.1commit f590fecfc2...Alexander Afanasyev6 years
NLSR-0.3.0commit 800833b7ac...Muktadir R Chowdhury6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-08-09ci: disable frames in lcov HTML coverage reportHEADmasterDavide Pesavento
2020-07-28route: replace FibEntry class with structAshlesh Gawande
2020-07-18lsdb: rebuild using boost::multi_index to replace 3 LSA listsAshlesh Gawande
2020-06-12**breaking** route: consolidate routing tlv into routeAshlesh Gawande
2020-06-10Adjust includes for the updated locations of ndn-cxx security headersAlexander Afanasyev
2020-06-01Rename VERSION to to avoid conflicts with modern STLAlexander Afanasyev
2020-05-01ci: update Travis configurationDavide Pesavento
2020-05-01src: fix -Wrange-loop-construct warning with clang 10Davide Pesavento
2020-04-30build+ci: switch to python3Davide Pesavento
2020-04-14**breaking** consolidate src/tlv/*lsa* into src/lsa/*lsa*Ashlesh Gawande