BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterCompare saved function parameters with Match, not ⊐Marshall Lochbaum5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysCompare saved function parameters with Match, not ⊐HEADmasterMarshall Lochbaum
5 daysFix IR output of functions with 10 or more argumentsMarshall Lochbaum
2022-08-29Fix some prefix hardcoding issuesMarshall Lochbaum
2022-08-29Add -n or --name option to change C name prefixMarshall Lochbaum
2022-08-28Error message when trying to cast generatorMarshall Lochbaum
2022-08-23Pointer name position in @for loop is lost, so add an imprecise one for error...Marshall Lochbaum
2022-08-17Index-based string/comment resolutionMarshall Lochbaum
2022-08-03ISC licenseMarshall Lochbaum
2022-06-29Get full stack trace for errors handling a function's resultMarshall Lochbaum
2022-06-29Better error message for using return{} resultMarshall Lochbaum