AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysCompare saved function parameters with Match, not ⊐HEADmasterMarshall Lochbaum
5 daysFix IR output of functions with 10 or more argumentsMarshall Lochbaum
2022-08-29Fix some prefix hardcoding issuesMarshall Lochbaum
2022-08-29Add -n or --name option to change C name prefixMarshall Lochbaum
2022-08-28Error message when trying to cast generatorMarshall Lochbaum
2022-08-23Pointer name position in @for loop is lost, so add an imprecise one for error...Marshall Lochbaum
2022-08-17Index-based string/comment resolutionMarshall Lochbaum
2022-08-03ISC licenseMarshall Lochbaum
2022-06-29Get full stack trace for errors handling a function's resultMarshall Lochbaum
2022-06-29Better error message for using return{} resultMarshall Lochbaum
2022-06-29Clarify error message for using result of if statement with runtime conditionMarshall Lochbaum
2022-06-27Fix error message for ambiguous operator associativityMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-18Better error message for emit/makelabel/return outside of functionMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-18Remove unused functions.NextHandleMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-18Allow := with tuple on the right, creating multiple registersMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-17Retain position information in literal and phrase nodesMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-13Update built-in arithmetic definitionsMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-13Document types a little betterMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-13Document export statementsMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-13Discuss skin/cmut in register docsMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-11Pervasion libraryMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-11Copy extended functions into the current scope, allowing local extendMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-10Implement generator extension with def extend and extend statementsMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-09Use pervasive tupsel{} to implement reverseMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-09Support variable-length parameter in a definition with leading ... like JSMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-06Make tupsel{} pervasive over index parameterMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-06More parameter checks for builtinsMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-06Use numbers.From for primtypeMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-06Another c.singeli -> cop.singeliMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-06Add skin/cext with operators for match, load/store, and castsMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-06BREAKING: change operator definition order to put operator and name firstMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-06Use local in arch/iintrinsicMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-04Add util/kindMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-04Make better use of locals in util/tupMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-04Document and/or/not in conditionsMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-03Document include and localMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-03Implement local oper with an operator table stackMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-02Support local {...} blocksMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-02Add local keyword (local oper unsupported)Marshall Lochbaum
2022-05-01Support goto{}Marshall Lochbaum
2022-05-01Allow @for load to result in a non-register: no store since it's immutableMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-01Support @for loop using tuples of pointersMarshall Lochbaum
2022-04-25Fix div/mod copy-paste errorMarshall Lochbaum
2022-04-24Rework/update current status in introduction, adding SingeliSort linkMarshall Lochbaum
2022-04-24Remove unused assert{} and cast_p{} definitionsMarshall Lochbaum
2022-04-23Fix display of tup{}Marshall Lochbaum
2022-04-23Add runtime modulus to arch/cMarshall Lochbaum
2022-04-23K-like tuple libraryMarshall Lochbaum
2022-04-23Check parameter numbers for builtinsMarshall Lochbaum
2022-04-23Add slice{} builtinMarshall Lochbaum