BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.0-stableapk-tools-2.0.10Timo Teräs11 years
2.1-stableapk-tools-2.1.1Timo Teräs11 years
2.10-stabletravis: update alpine-chroot-install to 0.12.1Jakub Jirutka3 years
2.12-stableapk-tools-2.12.0Timo Teräs24 months
2.6-stableapk-tools-2.6.10Timo Teräs4 years
2.7-stableapk-tools-2.7.6Timo Teräs4 years
2.8-stableapk-tools-2.8.2Timo Teräs5 years
masteradd missing apk_trust.hTimo Teräs24 months
v3.0-wipadd separate vertest applet for version string testingTimo Teräs2 years
v2.12.0commit 81782bfc15...Timo Teräs24 months
v2.12.0_rc2commit 90137499af...Timo Teräs24 months
v2.12.0_rc1commit f25519ec40...Timo Teräs2 years
v2.10.5commit 5686fe307d...Timo Teräs3 years
v2.10.4commit da41ae5a25...Timo Teräs3 years
v2.10.3commit e2b4bde4bd...Timo Teräs4 years
v2.10.2commit 8fa193ecda...Timo Teräs4 years
v2.6.10commit de531c8679...Timo Teräs4 years
v2.7.6commit 7494f69c4a...Timo Teräs4 years
v2.10.1commit 11bd821c69...Timo Teräs4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-10-09add missing apk_trust.hHEADmasterTimo Teräs
2020-10-09rename adb_trust to apk_trust, and use it as package signature keystore tooTimo Teräs
2020-10-09make apk_database optional for applets that don't need itTimo Teräs
2020-10-09rename apk_db_options to apk_ctx, rework loggingTimo Teräs
2020-10-09make apk_flags non-global, make progress printing state non-globalTimo Teräs
2020-10-09make apk_force non-global, remove left-over apk_archTimo Teräs
2020-10-09db: convert repository list to a string arrayTimo Teräs
2020-10-09add separate vertest applet for version string testingTimo Teräs
2020-10-09io: make ostream_file always use tmpnameTimo Teräs
2020-10-09minor performance improvements on build and codeTimo Teräs