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masterAdding a readme.Stephen Eilert10 years
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2012-11-15Adding a readme.HEADmasterStephen Eilert
2012-11-15Whole bunch of changes carelessly compressed into a single commit. Several ch...Stephen Eilert
2010-07-30- First version with functional animation.Stephen Eilert
2010-05-27- Now handling orientationsStephen Eilert
2010-05-27- Remote repl working :)Stephen Eilert
2010-05-19- Remote repl is now working, with cooperative multitasking between the Chick...Stephen Eilert
2010-05-19 - ReorganizaĆ§Ć£o dos arquivosStephen Eilert
2010-05-10- Grid now looks kinda like Beamrider. Fixed drawing code, changed the orient...Stephen Eilert
2010-05-10- I was using the wrong orientation. Fixed, but still hardcoded.Stephen Eilert
2010-05-10- Enabling more OpenGL ES functionsStephen Eilert