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masterUse headers in date.To and date.FromMarshall Lochbaum2 weeks
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2022-07-25Use headers in date.To and date.FromHEADmasterMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-15Locate's duplicate suppression isn't needed for ReplaceAllMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-15Merge pull request #3 from paulapatience/bug/fix-int-signumMarshall Lochbaum
2022-05-15Fix int.Signum on negative numbersPaul A. Patience
2022-03-10•Hash returns 2 32-bit numbers instead of 4 16-bit nowMarshall Lochbaum
2022-01-29Basic polynomial manipulationMarshall Lochbaum
2022-01-26Turn polynomial.bqn into a namespace scriptMarshall Lochbaum
2022-01-25Stopping criterion for Weierstrass/AberthMarshall Lochbaum
2022-01-24Move Aberth and Weierstrass polynomial calculation into common codeMarshall Lochbaum
2022-01-22More array-oriented Householder reflection for QR decompositionMarshall Lochbaum