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Add normal distribution and error function
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@@ -865,6 +865,7 @@ a1(1⌈·⌈`↕∘≠⊸×)⊸⊏y Copy each cell of y until before next 1 in a
(<·⌈´≢¨)⊸(↑¨)y1 Pad elements of list of equal-rank arrays y1 to equal shape Tacit Monadic Function Structural list cells items
(2=·+´0=(1+↕)⊸|)n0 Is n0 a prime? Tacit Monadic Function Mathematical testif isprime primality
(0=(1+·↕⌈´)|⌜⊢)j1 Divisibility table Tacit Monadic Function Mathematical divides divisor matrix
+{(√π)÷˜⋆-ט𝕩}n Gaussian or normal distribution with mean 0 and variance 1/2 Tacit Monadic Function Mathematical statistics probability bell curve pdf probability density function
(∨˝' '⊸≠)⊸(/⎉1)d2 Remove blank columns Tacit Monadic Function Text all-space allspace empty remove delete drop space without
(>⌈´↑¨⥊¨⟜'⎕')j Bar chart Tacit Monadic Function Mathematical curve graph plotting
(⍋·+˝˘' '⊸≠)⊸⊏d2 Sort words in list d2 according to word length Tacit Monadic Function Text vector
@@ -950,6 +951,7 @@ m1+´∘×○(÷⟜(√+´∘ט)-⟜(+´÷≠))n1 Sample Pearson correlation c
⊑∘{𝕩𝕊⍟≢𝕩(×´⊸(√˜)⋈+´⌾÷⊸×)≠𝕩}n1 Geometric-harmonic mean Tacit Monadic Function Mathematical average GHM() HGM() GH() HG() harmonic-geometric
(√((≠×+´∘ט)-·×˜+´)÷·-⟜1⊸×≠)n1 Sample standard deviation Tacit Monadic Function Mathematical stddev σ sigma SD empirical
(((≠×+´∘ט)-·×˜+´)÷·(1⌈-⟜1)⊸×≠)n1 Sample variance Tacit Monadic Function Mathematical σ² s² σ^2 s^2 empirical Var(x) dispersion
+ט⊸((2÷√π)×⋆∘-⊸××1(1+×)´÷⟜(1.5+↕99))n0 Error function (normalized integral of Gaussian) Tacit Monadic Function Mathematical statistics erf() normal distribution sigmoid cdf cumulative
((≍↕0){∾˝(0∾˘1+𝕩)⊸⊏˘⍒˘=⌜˜↕𝕨}´-⟜↕)n0 All permutations of ↕n0, as table rows in lexicographical order Tacit Monadic Function Mathematical combinatorics ordered orderings anagrams without replacement list
c1(¯1⊑(1⊸+⥊+)○≠(⌊`⊢⌊⊏⊸»∘⊢-0∾1+⊣)˝=⌜⟜⌽)d1 Levenshtein distance (number of single-character edits) between strings Tacit Dyadic Function Text fuzzy match
m0(∾·(⍉∾˘¨⟜(∾˜`)˝˜≠↑(↓≍↕0)˙)⌾⌽↕⟜↕)n0 All length-m0 subsets (combinations) of ↕n0, as table rows in lexicographical order Tacit Dyadic Function Mathematical combinatorics selections list sublists subsequences choices choose