BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
connection-poolAdd extra debug logging to productionJason McBrayer4 years
ic-122Fix issue with modalsJason McBrayer4 years
intercoolerAdd progress indicator on boost/favJason McBrayer4 years
masterBump version number for pleroma featuresJason McBrayer2 years
multi-accountDon't switch accounts if deleting not the active accountJason McBrayer3 years
requests-poolingTry pooling API requestsJason McBrayer3 years
settingsSet timezone in session as early as possibleJason McBrayer4 years
user-actionsAdd blocking and mutingJason McBrayer4 years
user-pagingAdd missing params in url in user.htmlJason McBrayer4 years
v2.15.0commit 012c0b74c1...Jason McBrayer2 years
v2.14.0commit 0604ddffe6...Jason McBrayer3 years
v2.13.0commit 61f8d19879...Jason McBrayer3 years
v2.11.0commit ba9b2d3d69...Jason McBrayer4 years
v2.10.0commit 5061800d69...Jason McBrayer4 years
v2.9.1commit 289bd28e28...Jason McBrayer4 years
v2.9.0commit ef8cee932f...Jason McBrayer4 years
v2.8.2commit 2903a5ea6e...Jason McBrayer4 years
v2.8.1commit 7c351ef341...Jason McBrayer4 years
v2.8.0commit aa1434e821...Jason McBrayer4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-07-08Bump version number for pleroma featuresHEADmasterJason McBrayer
2020-07-08Update intercooler.jsv2.15.0Jason McBrayer
2020-07-08Upgrade jquery and remove zeptoJason McBrayer
2020-07-08Ignore yarn.lockJason McBrayer
2020-07-08Fix errors introduced in same_user, apply standard formattingJason McBrayer
2020-07-08Merge pull request #76 from cyisfor/handle_feature_set_errorsGCU Prosthetic Conscience
2020-07-08Merge pull request #79 from cyisfor/pleroma_account_search_workaroundGCU Prosthetic Conscience
2020-07-01Merge pull request #77 from cyisfor/catch_session_expiration_errorGCU Prosthetic Conscience
2020-06-01Merge pull request #74 from cyisfor/sophistifimacationGCU Prosthetic Conscience
2020-06-01Merge pull request #73 from cyisfor/last_seen_index_errorGCU Prosthetic Conscience