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@@ -1137,4 +1137,41 @@ generation croaked on it. Gotta regenerate the HTML!
Okay, adding colors to headers wasn't that hard either, although
there's some kind of problem with the color's alpha --- it's not
applied to the first line of the header, just the second and
-subsequent lines. \ No newline at end of file
+subsequent lines.
+While I was at it, I spent five minutes hacking in a font-size hack
+for file `big-if-true`, and then added a little top margin to
+paragraphs and made `<th>` elements bold. And I started writing a
+postscriptum for Dercuano.
+All right, I have two hours left, so I guess I need to accept most of
+the above problems now, and only fix things if I find something
+I see file `iterative-string-formatting` has some Devanagari tofu in
+it. Apparently my font cascades lack Devanagari in the
+typewriter-font cascade. That's too bad. (Maybe it's actually
+mojibake, because the Devanagari is showing up as Chinese!) File
+`magnetoresistive-relay` has an extra space in "F.B. Morse". Too bad.
+It also has an extra space in "(i.e. 250ps", which I think I'll fix;
+even though the "i.e." should be followed by a comma, I've made that
+error in many notes. APL `⍴` in file `typed-apl` produces tofu, but
+only in the serif font (I guess it's missing from the cascade); too
+The title of file `byte-stream-gui-applications` was wrong; fixed.
+In file `nova-rdos` there is tofu; I think this is because it's mostly
+encoded with CRLFs but occasionally has a lone LF. I'm not sure how
+this ends up producing tofu in the PDF but it does. Oh, yes I do. My
+`<pre>` pattern didn't handle blank lines correctly; fixed. Linking
+it in the intro text is making it appear out of sequence, which is too
+bad I guess.
+File `cheap-frequency-detection` has some array indices that are
+incorrectly formatted as links; fixed, I hope.
+I've switched to just using the normal line-wrapping code for
+formatting text files (in particular, the font licenses).
+I guess that's about it!