AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-20Add Errata sectionHEADmasteruser
2019-12-31Add Zenodo DOI to READMEdefault
2019-12-30Update final Dercuano build linksdefault
2019-12-30Apply some last-minute tweaks to fix a few remaining problemsdefault
2019-12-30Hack in special font-size case to PDF generationdefault
2019-12-30Add colors to PDF headersdefault
2019-12-30Fix link to topics/espaƱol.htmldefault
2019-12-30Save page numbers before PDF canvasdefault
2019-12-30Put PDF rendering in chronological orderdefault
2019-12-30Stop preview PDFs from stomping real onesdefault
2019-12-30Make PDF link rectangles not cut baselinesdefault
2019-12-30Fix PDF line spacing with subscripts/superscriptsdefault
2019-12-30Set blockquotes in a smaller font in PDFdefault
2019-12-30Add extra sentence spacing in PDFdefault
2019-12-30Fix more PDF generation problemsdefault
2019-12-30Fix extra spaces in PDF from character markupdefault
2019-12-30Add superscripts and subscripts to PDFdefault
2019-12-30Wrap overlong lines in PDF file outputdefault
2019-12-30Fix margin on "Topics" headers in PDFdefault
2019-12-30Fix PDF header margins and add page number linksdefault
2019-12-30Add ET Book license to PDF.default
2019-12-30Fix several major problems (mostly in PDF)default
2019-12-30Bump version number to 20191230default
2019-12-30Optimize PDF generation scriptdefault
2019-12-30Add DejaVu to fix tofu in PDFdefault
2019-12-29Note another problem in genpdf.pydefault
2019-12-29Fix formatting of computation-with-straindefault
2019-12-29Add font cascade to PDF generationdefault
2019-12-29Clean up PDF generator and introdefault
2019-12-29Fix links and bottom margin in PDF generationdefault
2019-12-29Tweak note contents a bitdefault
2019-12-29Fix PDF index generation whitespacedefault
2019-12-28Fix formatting in bootstrapping-instruction-setdefault
2019-12-28Eliminate redundant font setting from PDFdefault
2019-12-28Add `<pre>` to janky PDF generationdefault
2019-12-28Change PDF generation to use less stacksdefault
2019-12-28Make non-breaking spaces non-breaking in PDFdefault
2019-12-28Switch PDF generator to use Tidylibdefault
2019-12-28Fix ElementTidy parsing of non-XMLdefault
2019-12-28Note progress on PDF generationdefault
2019-12-28Use lmtlc fonts in janky PDFdefault
2019-12-27Tweak janky PDF page size and <pre> font sizedefault
2019-12-27Slight text update on MSF distillationdefault
2019-12-27A couple of tweaks on janky PDF filedefault
2019-12-26Add titles to janky PDF outputdefault
2019-12-26Add Tidy fallback to PDF generatordefault
2019-12-26Remove literal ESC chars from ansi-linksdefault
2019-12-26Make `make` build PDF if possibledefault
2019-12-26Add links to crappy PDF generationdefault
2019-12-26Tweak janky typewriter-font PDF outputdefault