BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainfeat: Add info hash as unique identifier to info and metrics APIFelicitas Pojtinger5 days
unstablecommit 00e47641b2...Felicitas Pojtinger5 days
v0.5.0commit 00e47641b2...Felicitas Pojtinger5 days
v0.4.0commit 40959b806a...Felicitas Pojtinger6 days
v0.3.0commit 33740be434...Felicitas Pojtinger6 weeks
v0.2.1commit 77143dbefc...Felicitas Pojtinger6 weeks
v0.2.0commit 50ba16d4eb...Felicitas Pojtinger8 weeks
v0.1.1commit b40a71e310...Felicitas Pojtinger8 weeks
v0.1.0commit a1e8d98b91...Felicitas Pojtinger8 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysfeat: Add info hash as unique identifier to info and metrics APIHEADv0.5.0unstablemainFelicitas Pojtinger
6 daysbuild: Disable loong64 platformv0.4.0Felicitas Pojtinger
6 daysdocs: Add docs for new metrics commandFelicitas Pojtinger
6 daysfeat: Add metrics command to clientFelicitas Pojtinger
7 daysfeat: Add metrics endpointFelicitas Pojtinger
2022-06-29feat: Fetch README as descriptionv0.3.0Felicitas Pojtinger
2022-06-28fix: Assert if error is actually an error before logging itv0.2.1Felicitas Pojtinger
2022-06-18feat: Add embedding APIv0.2.0Felicitas Pojtinger
2022-06-18fix: Don't include newlines in API passwordsv0.1.1Felicitas Pojtinger
2022-06-17docs: Add usage instructionsv0.1.0Felicitas Pojtinger