BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
AIX-powerMerged default into AIX-powerYaroslav Kolomiiets5 years
NetBSD/powerpcSave/restore callee-saved registers around JIT code comvec.Valery Ushakov5 years
NetBSD/pthreadsFix invisible tab/space confusion in the pattern.Valery Ushakov5 years
authclose auth from 2008forsyth12 years
forseclose forse branch from 2008forsyth12 years
hosted-devdsInclude devds in the hosted build.David Boddie3 years
jessopher/changed-mkdirsnt-to-use-cmd-c-type-inste-1430629268822changed mkdirs-nt to use 'cmd /c type' instead of 'cat'Jesse Rudolph7 years
masterMerged in fix-outlstring-in-tc (pull request #14)David Boddie8 months
20090630-2355commit 7e2f8c2be5...forsyth13 years
20090630-2339commit d884e22736...convert-repo13 years
20080603commit deded166fd...Charles.Forsyth14 years
20070510commit dd7f661c1e...Charles.Forsyth15 years
20070202commit ecc9caba0e...Charles.Forsyth16 years
20070115commit bdb6b18670...Charles.Forsyth16 years
20061220commit 0e96539ff7...Charles.Forsyth16 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-12-18Merged in fix-outlstring-in-tc (pull request #14)HEADmasterDavid Boddie
2021-10-11remove duplicate vflag definitionCharles Forsyth
2021-10-11make message more helpfulCharles Forsyth
2021-10-11allow vflag > 1Charles Forsyth
2021-09-30Update outlstring function in tc to match othersDavid Boddie
2021-09-30install tl as tl not 5lCharles Forsyth
2021-09-30remove mention of long obsolete IE pluginCharles Forsyth
2021-03-23update NOTICEs and other legal bits to reflect changes to Plan 9's licence an...Charles Forsyth
2021-03-12remoove obsolete noticeCharles Forsyth
2021-03-12remove obsolete NOTICE prototypes. add lib/legal/README to explain why the ot...Charles Forsyth