AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2015-05-18update packaging to create an alternate .deb with the changeHEADmasterJoshua Tauberer
2014-10-24An init script that should finally work, rewritten.Antonio Radici
2014-10-24make sure that the /etc/postgrey dir is addedAntonio Radici
2014-10-24added README's to the docs.Antonio Radici
2014-10-24small typo to override dh_installAntonio Radici
2014-10-24a note about the closure of a bug with the new upstream release and another ↵Antonio Radici
two with the patch.
2014-10-24fixing up the whitelist_(clients|recipients) nameAntonio Radici
2014-10-24manual installation override in rulesAntonio Radici
2014-10-24remove deprecated param DM-Upload-AllowedAntonio Radici
2014-10-24cleaner install file to replace rulesAntonio Radici
2014-10-24refreshed patchesAntonio Radici
2014-10-24adding a modified rules file to deal with the new quilt formatAntonio Radici
2014-10-24moved to quilt source package, rules not ready yetAntonio Radici
2014-10-24Changed my email, updated Standards-VersionAntonio Radici
2014-10-24Merge branch 'upstream'Antonio Radici
2014-10-24Imported Upstream version 1.35Antonio Radici
2014-06-26Prepare NMU to fix #670681. Also seems to fix #630353.Axel Beckert
2014-06-11Imported Debian patch 1.34-1.2Julien Cristau
2014-06-11Imported Debian patch 1.34-1.1Christian Perrier
2011-05-06debian/patches/imported-upstream-diff refreshedAntonio Radici
2011-05-06Standards-Version bumped to 3.9.2, no change requiredAntonio Radici
2011-05-06New upstream release, drop libdigest-sha1-perl depAntonio Radici
2011-05-06Merge commit 'upstream/1.34'Antonio Radici
2011-05-06Imported Upstream version 1.34Antonio Radici
2011-04-26backport of 1.33-3 for squeezeAntonio Radici
2011-03-21debian/po/pt_BR.po: Brazilian Portuguese translation (Closes: 618946)Antonio Radici
2011-03-07Integrated Christian's NMU in the changelog (Closes: 610103), added ↵Antonio Radici
disable-transaction-logic to prevent postgrey from crashing after a berkeleydb update (Closes: 614968)
2011-03-07adding bubulle NMUAntonio Radici
2011-03-07promoting the current version to unstableAntonio Radici
2011-01-03postgreyreport-poderrors dropped, no errors anymoreAntonio Radici
2011-01-03Conflicts replaced with BreaksAntonio Radici
2011-01-03removed a restriction on liberkeleydb-perl version, build against whichever ↵Antonio Radici
lib is present
2011-01-03patches refreshed, whitelist_google dropped, Standards-Version bumpedAntonio Radici
2011-01-03Merge commit 'upstream/1.33'Antonio Radici
2011-01-03Imported Upstream version 1.33Antonio Radici
2010-12-10uploading to unstable rather than testing-proposed-updatesAntonio Radici
2010-12-08Drop preinst and thus dependency on dbutil-4.7. (Closes: #594451)Antonio Radici
2010-04-07Standards-Version bumped to 3.8.4Antonio Radici
2010-04-07NMU proposed by Christian PerrierAntonio Radici
2009-09-19adding the missing logcheck filesAntonio Radici
2009-09-19debian/po/ja.po: translation updated (Closes: 546685)Antonio Radici
2009-09-19debian/control: added exim4 to Recommends (Closes: 547413)Antonio Radici
2009-09-12debian/postgrey.logcheck.*: client_name is now optional (Closes: 518987)Antonio Radici
2009-09-09checking if the upgrade utility exists in preinstAntonio Radici
2009-09-08bumped dependency on libberkeleydb-perlAntonio Radici
2009-09-08adding Jon as UploaderAntonio Radici
2009-09-08removing Adrian from the Uploaders as he requestedAntonio Radici
2009-09-06distribution unstableAntonio Radici
2009-09-06removing bogus galician translation fileAntonio Radici
2009-09-06integrating patch from Christian Perrier and additional localesAntonio Radici