BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
manAutogenerated man pages for redo-0.03Avery Pennarun12 years
masterFixed markdown errors in README - code samples now correctly formatted.Miles Gould12 years
search-parent-dirsSearch parent directories for default*.do.Avery Pennarun12 years
redo-0.03commit f641e52e3b...Avery Pennarun12 years
redo-0.02commit e207b723b4...Avery Pennarun12 years
redo-0.01commit 5f9b6eeaf4...Avery Pennarun12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-01-11Fixed markdown errors in README - code samples now correctly formatted.HEADmasterMiles Gould
2011-01-10Fix use of in exampleRyan Kuester, minimal/do: don't use ansi colour codes if $TERM is blank or 'dumb'Avery Pennarun
2011-01-04Use named constants for terminal control codes.Tim Allen
2011-01-02redo-sh: keep testing even after finding a 'good' shell.Avery Pennarun hide warning output from 'which' in some shells.Henry Gebhardt wrap long lines.Avery Pennarun
2011-01-01Handle .do files that start with "#!/" to specify an explicit interpreter.redo-0.03Avery Pennarun
2011-01-01minimal/do: don't print an error on exit if we don't build anything.Avery Pennarun
2011-01-01bash completions: also mark 'do' as a completable command.Avery Pennarun