AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-12-19Search parent directories for default* Pennarun
2010-12-19Move some of the tests from t/ into t/defaults-flat.redo-0.02Avery Pennarun
2010-12-19Man pages for redo-targets, redo-sources, redo-ood.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-19Don't update the database during redo-ood.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-19Add a new redo-ood command.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-19Move dependency checking from redo-ifchange into Pennarun
2010-12-19New redo-sources and redo-targets commands.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-19Rename redo-oob to redo-unlocked, to more accurately represent its use.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-19Add Documentation/git-{import,export}.do scripts.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-17Don't rely on GNU find behaviour in
2010-12-16_tty_width() will return zero when redo is run inside an emacs shellOscar Bonilla
2010-12-14Release minimal/do to the public domain.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-14Fix a couple of typos in the README.Jonathan Wakely stub /usr/bin programs: be smarter about finding the libdir.redo-0.01Avery Pennarun
2010-12-14minimal/do: MacOS has /usr/bin/true, not /bin/true.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-14Switch to using a separate lockfile per target.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-14Assert that one instance never holds multiple locks on the same file at once.Avery Pennarun don't crash when the manpages fail to build.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-12Fix tests on MacOS.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-12Answer a bunch more hopefully-FAQs.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-12Generally clean up the README.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-12Add an 'install' target.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-12Add a bunch of manpages.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11Add a redo-ifcreate test.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11redo-always/redo-ifcreate/redo-stamp: work inside chdir().Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11Makefile: don't try to 'redo Makefile'.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11Fix a race condition caused by zap_deps().Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11minimal/do: make redo-ifchange (etc) into subprograms in a temp dir.Avery Pennarun report when you're trying to rebuild a static file.Avery Pennarun cleanup *.tmp files that might have been left lying around.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11Disable the tests that don't work with minimal/do.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11minimal/do: don't completely abort if a sub-redo fails.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11redo-ifchange can now be run even if there's no parent redo.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11The only thing in that needed was the log stuff.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11jwack: start waitfds around fd#50.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11redo-stamp: print a helpful message if stdin is a tty.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11Add a redo-always command: it adds an "always dirty" dependency to your target.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11Fix a deadlock with redo-oob.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11Whoops, redo-oob was slightly wrong when used with -j.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11If a checksummed file is deleted, we should still use redo-oob.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11The second half of redo-stamp: out-of-order building.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11Correctly handle a checksummed file that depends on a non-checksummed file.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11Half-support for using file checksums instead of stamps.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11redo-ifchange: fix relative pathnames printed in debug messages.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-11$3 and stdout no longer refer to the same file.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-10Release the jwack token when doing a synchronous lock wait.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-10If a user manually changes a generated file, don't ever overwrite it.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-10Don't wipe the timestamp when a target fails to redo.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-10builder: the (WAITING) message from --debug-locks didn't print every time.Avery Pennarun
2010-12-10Merge branch 'sqlite'Avery Pennarun