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2020-04-15Update to v8.17legacyWoodrow Douglass
2020-02-19Merge in s7 8.16Woodrow Douglass
2020-01-13Merge in s7 8.13Woodrow Douglass
2019-06-07merge in s7 8.5Woodrow Douglass
2019-06-05rename the required config file,Woodrow Douglass
2017-01-10Merge pull request #2 from mondoman712/masterKarl Fogel
2017-01-11fixed readmemondoman712
2017-01-11Import changes from 2017-01-02mondoman712
2016-11-21Add Conservatory README.mdKarl Fogel
2016-11-21Import changes between 2016-11-18 and 2016-11-21Karl Fogel
2016-11-21Initial revisionKarl Fogel