AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-05For URLs without trailing slashes which resolve do a directory, do a redirect...HEADmasterSolderpunk
2019-06-05Return after serving an error when MIME type detection fails.Solderpunk
2019-06-05Don't submit directories to MIME type checks or any other checks which depend...Solderpunk
2019-06-05Set TLS 1.0 as minimum SSL/TLS version, i.e. disallow SSL 3.0.Solderpunk
2019-06-05Read /etc/shizaru.conf if it exists and no other configuration file path is p...Solderpunk
2019-04-22Don't do HTTPS redirects for requests associated with Let's Encrypt certifica...Solderpunk
2019-04-22Append index.html to directories when resolving paths.Solderpunk
2019-04-22Better error handling.Solderpunk
2019-04-06Fix username path munging.Solderpunk
2019-03-03Fix Markdown errors in README (escape HTML tags)solderpunk
2019-03-03Import prototype.Solderpunk
2019-03-03Initial commitsolderpunk