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# tracker
-> remember that this is an experiment.
+> really weird, oddly charming, incredibly advanced
users are meant to compose and share their own interfaces and to modify the
system. as such, we intentionally limit the ability for the application
@@ -9,10 +9,18 @@ system and application themes, even generated themes, are easily and
automatically available as a result. the hope is that the visual and behavioral
consistency will make the unsusal interface more approachable.
-## messaging
+## database on spreadsheets
-tracker uses information-centric networking to setup an adhoc chat network on
-local infrastructure.
+Big Questions Notation and typed sheets. standard maps for known sources. custom
+maps for unknown sources. maps and reductions between sheets.
+## •drawing
+humane expression
+## •messaging
+view types for communications
### avi chat