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2022-04-19base themesmainr14c
2022-04-19update README.mdr14c
2022-04-12[formats] long count is only off by one nowr14c
2022-04-10working with simpler tsv files for nowr14c
2022-04-10partial csv libraryr14c
2022-04-08[formats] looking for missing daysr14c
2022-04-07[formats] more mayan conversion testsr14c
2022-04-06format series draftr14c
2022-04-06[formats] mayan numeralsr14c
2022-04-05update README, [formats] remove parensr14c
2022-04-05rename projectr14c
2022-04-05format name tablesr14c
2022-04-05add modeliner14c
2022-04-05[formats] split out long count conversion, improve test displayr14c
2022-04-05[formats] improve calculationsr14c
2022-04-05update READMEr14c
2022-04-05[formats] working unix->maya_long_count conversion + testr14c
2022-04-03[formats] basic testsr14c
2022-03-31add formatsr14c
2022-03-02•gemtext - thinking about html
2022-02-28•gemtext - fix toggle line matching (again)
2022-02-27•gemtext - type
2022-02-27annotate expected result
2022-02-27•gemtext - more comprehensive test, ¬∧≠` is quite helpful
2022-02-27•gemtext - cleanup
2022-02-27•gemtext - correctly tag all line types, including
2022-02-26link to p9p and
2022-02-26tag toggle
2022-02-25•gemtext - convert match table to truth
2022-02-25•gemtext.ParseTypes - make it easier to follow how arguments are